Hotel Etiquette

Hotels form a huge part of our travel experience. Who doesn’t like checking in their rooms for the first time after a long trip, sipping the complementary first drink from the management, or hitting the bar for a cocktail? Indeed, much of our travel experience depends on the quality and service we get from our accommodations.

However, this relationship also goes both ways. We must follow certain etiquettes so that other guests will have similarly great experiences, and so that we don’t have to deal with stressful situations. Here are some of them.

Inform the “real” number of guests beforehand.

When we say “real,” we mean making sure that you inform the hotel management the accurate number of guests that will be checking in. It is rude to book a room for 2 and then arrive with 5 people. (We all know people who’ve done this.) Plus, you’ll be asked to pay extra for sure anyway. Make sure to inform the hotel management beforehand, or simply call the reception to upgrade your room to a larger one.

Keep the noise level down.

Hotels are not your property. There are other travelers besides you or your group who are also checked in. Many travelers are sensitive when it comes to noise. So keep your noise levels down so as not to disturb others. We all know the Golden Rule. If you want to be respected, you should respect other people too.

Treat the room with utmost care.

You are staying in your hotel room temporarily. This does not give you the right to trash the place. Yes, you can take home some of the consumables (Like come on? Who doesn’t like getting those free toothbrushes, and bottled lotions from hotels!) But the other stuff inside the room are hotel property. It’s your responsibility to take care of your room, unless you’re willing to pay for the damage. You don’t want to add to your expenses? Treat your room with care.

Keep your things away from the bed.

Yes, this is a must especially when you’re going outside. Housekeeping staff usually clean your room once a day, and this includes making your bed. Let’s help the staff become more efficient by keeping our things away from the bed. It makes their jobs easier.

Be courteous to staff.

Working in a hotel is not an easy job. Some hotel staff are just starting their jobs, and some are even underpaid. Let us be courteous to the staff and treat them the way we treat our friends or family. Always smile and thank them for the service they’re doing for you.

Keeping these things in mind will certainly help you – and others – have a pleasant vacation. Enjoy your hotel experience and happy traveling!

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