Baler from the Air

Baler is not just about surfing. You can go hiking here, too! Nestled beside the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, Baler offers majestic views of the ocean. One area where you can get such view is the Ermita Hill, perfect during sunrises.
Sabang Beach is the most popular surfing spot in Baler. The waters are quite friendy to beginners so try learning a new water sport when you’re here.
The Millenium Tree isn’t really a thousand years old. The 600-year old Balete tree, however, has withstood the test of time. It’s still standing strong in the town of Maria Aurora.
Among the islets on the Baler Bay, the Aniao Islet is the largest in the entire town. The island is reachable via motorboat from the coast of Sabang Beach.
Museo de Baler brings visitors back in time to the yesteryears of Baler. The museum offers a wide array of archaeological and contemporary historical artifacts, from old accounts of Spanish censuses to materials from the movies “Apocalypse Now” and “Baler.”
Aurora is famous for its rocky islets, one of which is Lukso-Lukso. These Instagram-worthy islets look like twins.
Hugged by the Philippine Sea, Baler offers a majestic, relaxing view of the ocean.
Are you brave enough to cross the Zabali Hanging Bridge? This is the perfect spot to face your fear of heights.

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